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Some say that we are experiencing a business "reset" around the world as businesses and consumers adapt to the new economics of 2014 and beyond.  The global economy is recovering, but slowly.  Gains are fragile.  Time is of the essence to adapt, seek new markets, site new facilities, and access new supply chains. We will never be able to see the future, but new ways of doing business will be the rule for years to come. The list seems to be endless. Clarity, deliberate thought, and a knowledgeable partner are critical to success in the new "reset" business world.

Juli Maria Creek and James C. Rogers, P.E., Principals of Creek & Rogers Global Consulting, LLC as founding partners, draw on over 65+ combined years of experience in sales and marketing, business development and local economic development, site selection, international trade, and management of sales and client relationship staff.  With a working knowledge of both national and international, manufacturing, food service, non-manufacturing, and other primary sectors in major markets including North America, Canada, Western Europe, and the Pacific Rim, the team of Creek & Rogers plays a key role in the business development process. National and international project experience gives Creek & Rogers a wealth of background information, core knowledge, and contacts to put to immediate use in structuring profitable activities for their clients, find new markets, or locate the best site for expansion, relocation, or consolidation.


As an Upstate South Carolina company with a network of industry allies spanning the two Carolinas, the Southeastern United States, and Canada in both the public and private sectors, as well as local, national, and international reach, Creek & Rogers work closely with foreign and domestic entities to locate new market opportunities for successful trade and business expansion.

 Juli Maria Creek and Jim Rogers after a recent successful project! 


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